Pacificali provides consulting, IT services and custom software products to improve the administrative and operational aspects of information technology management.  Benefits within this scope include cost control, process management, auditing, compliance, systems lifecycle management, prototyping and software development.

Our core customers are medium-to-large organizations with globally directed, regionally managed operations.  Our understanding of the complexities and needs involved in providing process efficiencies for functional sub teams allows us to implement solutions which will successfully drive administrative, cost and operational improvements.  These resulting deliverables simultaneously serve the needs of functional areas, as well as the organization as a whole by providing results which are transparent, normalized and allow for reliable reporting of activities and productivity measurements.

Organizations often employ several platforms for managing their operations. We are keen to envisage big-picture strategies which encourage integration with clients’ existing custom and commercial packages. Often the greatest productivity gains are achieved within this space, where new services bring together existing processes for enhanced reporting and/or process workflow.

By leveraging our myriad experience and capabilities to address your needs, we will demonstrate that we are a results-oriented partner that will grow with your organization to become a reliable, trusted resource.